Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder Made with Organic Coconut Shell Review

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4.3/5 on December 7, 2017

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775 reviews


I must say I wasn't sure if was going to work, but it does, we use it twice a day and my teeth are getting whiter, you could see the difference with a day or two.
Will keep using!

  • ★ 25% MORE QUALITY PRODUCT, LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE ★ Our product offers premium-grade, top-class ingredients (high purity charcoal composition) with MUCH MORE PRODUCT at less than HALF THE PRICE of top competitors! 
  • ★ NATURAL & TESTED ★ Our product has been RDA tested and has been proven to be safe for teeth enamel (an issue that is possible with other teeth whitening products). 
  • ★ TRIPLE TARGET FORMULA ★ 1. Eliminates Bacteria 2. Eliminates Bad Breath 3. Eliminates Stains (Whitens Teeth) 
  • ★ MULTIPLE POTENTIAL BENEFITS ★ 1. Safely Cleans 2. Whitens & Polishes Teeth 3. Freshens Breath 4. Removes Coffee, Tea, and Tobacco Stains Easily! 
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ★ We offer a full refund of your purchase if you are not satisfied with our product. Just send us a message and we’ll take care of it!